About foodpanda

foodpanda is a leading global food delivery service. Currently, it operates in 13 countries worldwide, and we are opening NOW in Cambodia! 


Through the energy of our riders and the teams in all of our office spaces, we connect lovers of food to our brilliant partner restaurants. We're changing the way food delivery is viewed and experienced worldwide.

Our customers love good food.
You prepare it.
We bring it.
More revenue

With foodpanda, you will gain an additional source of income. Our customers are continually searching the latest cool restaurants in their city.

Dedicated support

From perfecting your delivery menu and sending out weekly reports, to improving your performance, we're here to help you every step of the way.

Constant flexibility

Pause orders if you're feeling overwhelmed. You decide for yourself when you want to cook for your food lovers and are free to leave on a monthly basis.

How it works:

Customers enter a delivery address via the app or website and select a restaurant nearby.

Restaurant accepts the order through the tablet we provide, and starts preparing the food for a specific pick up time.

Our rider arrives at the right time to collect and delivers the order within 30min after the order was placed.

foodpanda sends you the proceeds from your orders every month and provides detailed insights on your performance.

Steps for activation:

Step 1:
Sign up online

Step 2:
Approval stage

Step 3:
foodpanda sends contract

Step 4:
Contract signed

Step 5:
Receive preview

of your menu

Step 6:
Receive foodpanda


Step 7:
Receive training via call

Step 8:
Your restaurant

is live on foodpanda

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